The Department is dedicated to achieving excellence and integrity in pharmaceutical education, cutting-edge research, and professional practices in order to ensure the continuous development of high-quality graduates for the rapidly growing pharmaceutical industries, academia, and improve the healthcare of local and global communities.


To empower the students for diverse and competitive career paths by developing their knowledge, skills, attitudes, ability for life-long learning, morals, and commitment to professional and societal responsibilities.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO) include the followings:

PEO1To ensure that students acquire knowledge and competence in pharmacy through a strong core curriculum.
PEO2To develop pharmacy graduates with strong fundamental knowledge and technical skills in pharmaceutical sciences and technology, capable of applying these tools in the pharmaceutical industry and/or institutes
PEO3To introduce skilled personnel to manage the affairs of hospital pharmacies, community pharmacy services, drug administration, and other organizations in drug research, marketing, sales, and multidisciplinary approaches in a highly professional and ethical manner.
PEO4To improve research and development in several areas of pharmacy by creating knowledge pools that may be used to create improved methods for formulating, quality-control, and standardization of pharmaceuticals.
PEO5To inspire students to engage in a lifelong learning process in order to pursue a highly fruitful profession and to connect their pharmacy knowledge to improving health and safety.
PEO6To promote students’ inquisitiveness and curiosity in order to aid in the development of their research abilities in pharmacy and its associated scientific areas.
PEO7To develop professional skills necessary for becoming leaders in the practice environment and the capacity to successfully address upcoming challenges.

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