Duration of Semesters:

The duration of a semester is 6 (six) months, including Class tests, Assignments, Mid-term and Final Examinations. The time of the semester is 20 (Twenty) weeks which may be used as follows:

Classes (Theoretical and Practical)      7 weeks
Mid-Term Examination                                                          2 weeks
Classes (Theoretical and Practical)                                        8 weeks
Final Examination                                                                 3 weeks
Total20 weeks

Grading System:

The performance of students is assessed based on a designed scheme termed as “continuous assessment”. For theoretical courses this continuous assessment is made through homework, assignment, attendance, quizzes, oral presentation etc. along with mid-term and semester final examination. The distribution of marks for a given course might be aligned with existing UIU policy which is as follows:

         I.           Class Attendance and Assignment                                          10%

         II.         Class Tests/Quizzes/Oral Presentation                                     10%

         III.        Mid-Term Exam                                                                       30%

         IV.        Final Exam                                                                               50%

                       Total:                                                                                       100%

Minimum Attendance in the Class should be 80% instead of 75% as per existing UIU policy.

A basic four point (4.00) grading scale will be followed. Letter grades and corresponding grade points will be awarded in accordance with the provision shown below:

Numerical Grade (%)GradeGrade  Point
90 – 100A (Plain)4.0
86 – 89A- (Minus)3.67
82 – 85B+ (Plus)3.33
78 – 81B (Plain)3.00
74 – 77B- (Minus)2.67
70 – 73C+ (Plus)2.33
66 – 69C (Plain)2.00
62 – 65C- (Minus)1.67
58 – 61D+ (Plus)1.33
55 – 57D (Plain)1.00
Below 55F0.00

Summary of Course Distribution:

YearSemesterNo. of Pharmacy core  courses, including Lab, Oral Assessment and TrainingNo. of GED CoursesTotal CoursesTotal    Credit
Year 1Year 1: Semester I050308    18
Year 1: Semester II07010817
Year 2Year 2: Semester I09011022
Year 2: Semester II09011022
Year 3Year 3: Semester I0909  19
Year 3: Semester II111122
Year 4Year 4: Semester I0808    18
Year 4: Semester II09011022
                      Total67774     160
Pharmacy core courses            140 Credits
General education courses      20 Credits
Total                                    160 Credits

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