Why B.Pharm. at UIU?
  • Top-ranked private University with greenest campus within Dhaka city
  • Meritorious and highly experienced full time faculty members including foreign PhD degree holders
  • State-of-the-Art laboratory facilities equipped with most advanced equipment and instruments including RP-HPLC (Waters, USA), FT-IR (PerkinElmer, USA), Karl Fisher Titrators (Metrohm, Switzerland), UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (Shimadzu, Japan), Potentiometer (Metrohm, Switzerland), LAF etc.
  • Cell culture and Biotechnology laboratory facilities equipped with Western Blotting System (Bio-Rad, USA), ChemiDoc Imaging System (Bio-Rad, USA), NanoDrop Spectrophotometer (Thermo, USA), Fluorescence Inverted Microscope (Nikon, Japan) etc.
  • For the first time in Bangladesh, Department of Pharmacy at UIU is offering  3 months non-credit hospital internship
  • Excellent OBE-based up-to-date course curriculum
  • Dynamic and collaborative research environment
  • 25-100% merit scholarship and financial assistance

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